Originally published: 8/21/2005; 4:06:25 PM

8/1/05, San Juan Islands–We didn’t even raise the sails today. The wind wasn’t favorable and we weren’t going that far. We passed through the whale hang out again but, again, no luck. We topped off the fuel today. It got a bit dicey, but Captain Joe handled it superbly. When it was time to go the engines wouldn’t start. The jumpy fuel lady said, “Come on now, I don’t need a big, fat boat broken down at my fuel dock.” Anais started soon after.

Docking was exciting. We had reserved a tie-up with the large motor cruisers. The deck assistant had trouble getting us cleated off and the wind kept blowing us off the dock. If they’d install some decent deck cleats they might save some trouble. [Instead she had to take wraps around the railroad ties that lined the dock which took time].

We got squared away, took some pics, and headed to shore in our crew shirts. We did some shopping in town–lots of cool stores–and then pounded a couple of microbrews at the ale house to wish Ken farewell. He hit the ferry and headed back to Bellingham as planned.

Friday Harbour had some sweet boats, both motor and sail. Large motor boats are fun to look at because of their size and their astronomical price tags. But, in my opinion, sail boats are things of true beauty. From simple dinghies to sailing yachts, I love the shape of the hull, the rigging, and the winches. And when one’s under sail it puts it over the top.

We re-upped our groceries and had a great seafood dinner at Downriggers followed by some homemade ice cream across the street.

On to San Juan Islands, 8/2/05 — Friday Harbour to Spencer Spit

The Anais crew

The crew of the Anais poses for a photo-op before heading into town.

Anais in Friday Harbour

The Anais relaxes in her berth at Friday Harbour.