In addition to Wanda, Uncle John’s special ladyfriend, we had a couple of other newbies joining us this year. Liz and Beth, both Canadians, know Captain Joe and Nancy from prior adventures in Banff. We spent a lot of time making fun of each others’ funny accents, comparing cultures, and learning to swear in French. (Dave was sad to find out that neither had ever seen Strange Brew. Also, according to our Canadian crew, “take off”, “hoser”, and “beauty” were not part of the standard Canadian vernacular).

Anyway, on this day, Liz and Beth took the kayak through Mosquito Pass. We took Anais out of the main entrance to Roche Harbor and met them were the pass joins the Haro Strait. The modest swell (and a substantial wake from a passing tanker) made the pickup a bit tricky but there were no mishaps.

It was a great sailing day. We raised the sails to the second reef point (we reduced the sail surface area due to high winds) and ran north to the Turn Point Lighthouse on Stuart Island. We crossed into Canada at some point during the day.

To our surprise, a mooring ball was available in Reid Harbor on Stuart. We picked it up with no problem then took the dinghy to shore for a short hike. Dave, John, Wanda, and I had a great little hike through thick forest along a road to the top of a hill where a one-room schoolhouse stood. Built in the late 19th century, the schoolhouse is still in use today. The original structure is now a library. We stepped inside for some postcards designed by local schoolchildren then headed back down the hill.

For dinner: Steaks, corn-on-the-cob, cheesy potatoes.

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