It was cold enough to see your breath today. We motored all the way to Rosario on Orcas Island. The weather was too bad to sail. We snagged a mooring ball ($25 includes the ball and access to the resort–an outstanding deal) then headed to shore. John had arranged for a rental car. Last year we drove to the top of Mt. Constitution then listened to the organ concert at the mansion. This year, we headed into East Sound Village for some shopping, then over to West Sound and Deer Harbor. There isn’t much shopping over there but it’s a pretty drive.

Captain Joe, Uncle John, and Wanda sang nearly the entire road trip. During the week the singing started out as a fairly random event but something–the weather? the car ride?–drove it to a fevered pitch. Anything could set them off. Mention “bicycle” and it’d be “Daisy, daisy, give me your answer, do/I’m half crazy all for the love of you…” in three part harmony. Of course there’d be the inevitable disputes over lyrics. And a few attempts to get the rest of the crew to join in a round. I imagine our two Canadian friends were wondering if maybe they shouldn’t be making cheap meds available to their southern neighbor.

Back at Rosario we had a soak in the hot tub, a swim in the pool, and a good microbrew at the bar near the dock.

Dinner: Boiled crab, grilled shrimp, and a steak for Dave. In the always-look-before-you-leap department, I volunteered for dishes this night. To my horror, just about every pot and pan on the boat had been used to prepare the (delicious!) meal. After an hour, the rest of the crew had gone to bed, the dinghy still needed to be hoisted, and Dave and I were trying to figure out the best way to get melted garlic butter off of your dishes with cold water. (The water is heated with engine power. We used the last drop about two pots in).

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