Originally published: 8/2/2003; 10:47:34 PM

Long flight but no trouble getting to Lihue on Kauai.

Hanalei Bay

Hanalei Bay Resort is beautiful. Lobby, restaurant, and bar all are open-air structures set into the hillside. Lush gardens and waterfalls are everywhere. The pool is a natural-looking lagoon design.

The beach is quite a hike down a steep path. Several large trees dot the shoreline and provide shade.

This evening, Christy and I went to Hanalei to Zelo’s. The waitress in the hotel bar told us we’d like it if we liked Mexican. Being from Texas, we were skeptical. But it was awesome. I had a fresh fish burrito which was huge and tasty. Christy had fajitas. Afterwards, we drove to the end of the highway at Haena State Park.

Along the way we stopped at Haena Beach so I could explore Maniniholo, a dry cave on the roadside.

At Haena State Park it looked like there were a few trailheads that looked promising.

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