Handy AIM links you might want to add to your Klog

Here’s how you can add a link that lets people launch AIM with your screen name:

<a href="aim:GoIM?screenname=yourscreenname&message=Linked+from+blog...>Click to IM with Jeff</A>

Here’s how you can add a link that lets people add your AIM screenname to their buddy list:

<a href="aim:AddBuddy?ScreenName=yourscreenname">Add me to your buddy list/a>

And here’s how you can use the AIM presence engine to display an icon to indicate whether or not you are currently logged in to AIM:

<IMG src="http://big.oscar.aol.com/yourscreenname?on_url=http://www.aol.com:80/aim/gr/online.gif&off_u rl=http://www.aol.com:80/aim/gr/offline.gif" align=absMiddle border=0>

These examples were taken from an article by John Jainschigg at Communications Convergence.

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