Just got another batch of World Cafe CDs

I just got another batch of “World Cafe CDs” for Christmas. Because my local public radio station took “World Cafe” off the air (or moved it to some obscure time slot) I don’t stay up to date on when CDs are coming out so when I think about it, I check the site. I bought volumes 11 and 12, the 10th anniversary double CD, and the “Next Decade” CD which I guess is really volume 13. They are all awesome.

I haven’t picked a favorite yet. Right now it is between the 10th anniversary and volume 13. Volume 13 has a great Lucinda Williams track, “Get Right With God” as well as one of my favorite Ryan Adams songs (at least of his newer stuff), “New York, New York”. The 10th anniversary CD has “Another Town” from Steve Earle, “Can’t Let Go” by Lucinda Williams, and “Designs on You” which is a great Old 97’s song. Of course all of the World Cafe CDs have great tracks from artists you might not otherwise be exposed to.