Weblogs as discovery targets

Can weblogs be subpoenaed as part of a discovery process during litigation?…what format do you have to supply the weblog? Since Radio weblogs are one large RSS file, do you have to supply the entire file? [Tom’s Blog]

I’m no lawyer, but I have experience supplying “evidence” for use in a case. In that instance, there were no requirements as to the format. You have to read the specifics of the subpoena but it would be unlikely that your entire weblog would be submitted. Only the posts that are relevant to the case would go. And, the format could be whatever–you could print out the relevant pieces or send over the RSS or HTML. I’m sure it is similar to email–depending on what is being asked for you might only submit individual emails that are relevant, not the entire Inbox. Again, people should seek the advice of counsel around this–I’m only relaying my very limited experience sprinkled with assumptions and suppositions.