Essential Blogging essential for newbies or pilot groups

Essential Blogging is a good book if you are just getting into blogging or you are selecting a blogging tool for your intranet (K-Log). It’s got a couple of chapters devoted to each major blogging tool including Radio Userland, Moveable Type, and Blogger. The first chapter of each tool-specific chapter is a “getting started with…” intro with the second being an intro to the more advanced features. The tool tips and tricks are useful. I’m sure you could find them all documented on the web but I liked having them all pulled together for me. There are also chapters devoted to Bloxsom, an intro to/history of blogging, and a high-level discussion of various desktop blogging clients. I gave the book a fairly quick scan cover-to-cover and then concentrated on the Radio chapters. It’s a short book and an easy read. It’d be good to hand out to the members of a K-Log pilot group.