Searched added

Added search to my blog this evening. Works like a charm. I was at Borders this evening and noticed a cool little O’Reilly book called Hacking Google. Flipping through it I noticed that Amazon has a web services API. I could see some cool stuff being done with the Google and Amazon web services APIs. Even though I’ve got zero time to mess with it, I signed up for Google dev key and an Amazon web services token.

I’d like to write something that would make it easier for me to manage my wish list as well as add my CD ratings to Amazon for every CD I own. That way, Amazon’s rec engine would have the complete picture of what’s going on in my collection.

I’ve heard that old cue cats can be turned in to general purpose bar code scanners. If so, and if someone’s got a service that maps UPC to ISBN for books and whatever unique IDs are there for CDs, then I could just scan my book or CD and it would magically get added to my Amazon wishlist, listmania list, or whatever I needed, courtesy of my little Perl program.