I’m trying something new with Amazon. Usually, I order brand new CDs. Amazon always tells me there are X used copies available for Y amount but I’ve always ignored it. I’m a creature of habit and I thought it might be painful. With my most recent order, though, I decided to give it a shot. So, I searched for the CDs I wanted then clicked the Used link. Amazon lists the folks selling that CD. Apparently there are a bunch of small record stores, individuals, or whatever, that pump their inventory into Amazon’s database.

I bought one new CD from Amazon and four from three different marketplace vendors. If memory serves, three of the four “used” CDs are actually brand new. On average, I paid about half of what Amazon was quoting plus two or three bucks in shipping for each CD. It was pretty simple–you just add the used CD to your shopping cart and check out as normal. Amazon transfers funds from your credit card to the merchant.

The only hiccup I had was my Del McCoury selection was sold out. “Yodelin’ Pig” credited my Amazon account for the price of the CD and then Amazon notified me that it was sold out. So I then had to order it again. I stuck with the used option.

So far, so good. Two CDs (Lucinda Williams – World Without Tears, Blue Mountain – Dog Days) arrived today from the Marketplace vendor in pristine condition. And both CDs are excellent, BTW.

If the rest come in without any problems, it’ll be no more brick-and-mortar used CD stores for me. Except for maybe Cactus in Houston, I don’t know of a single CD store that offers that kind of selection.