I’m BACK! What a week. I went to Orlando to the IBM Content Management and Portal Conference. I had every intention of blogging the event, but Sunday night, my hard drive bit the dust. My hotel and the conference hotel were both WiFi-enabled so I was really disappointed.

I thought everything was totally gone (including the web log) but it turned out I could still read from the drive once I added it to the modular bay of my laptop. It’s pretty spotty, though. I snagged everything I couldn’t live without.

Restoring Radio was a pain. I thought I was covered because I used the backup utility. After reinstalling and setting my serial number, I tried using Restore but it didn’t do anything. I’d click Restore, it’d give me an “are you sure?” message, I’d confirm, and then it’d be back to the backup/restore page.

To fix it, I uninstalled Radio, went back to my old hard drive, pulled the entire Radio directory, reinstalled on the new drive, and then overlayed the directories with my recovered Radio directories. Worked like a charm.