Dad and I tried to hit the lake today but the wind wouldn’t cooperate. Way, way too light. So, we decided to do some work on the slip instead. We put in some spring lines. We used this setup (see image). We ran one line from one of the posts, around a vertical piece of steel at point A and then to the other post. Then, we threaded a buouy on a second line. We ran the second line across the slip from the posts at the middle. We wrapped the second line around the first line about five or six times at each of the two spots where the second line crossed the first line. In addition, at each end of the buouy (point B) we looped the second line around the first line and back through they eyes on the buouy. This kept the buouy from sliding forward when the bow of the boat pressed up against it. If you come in fast enough, the bow will ride up on the buouy. But, you’d have to really be coming in way hot for that to be a problem.