There’s a good conference going on down here in New Orleans. Documentum’s Momentum 2003 is a hopping place. I’ve never been to a conference where the vendor’s senior leadership is so accessible. Sunday night, Dave DeWalt, CEO and President of Documentum stopped by where a group of us were chatting and welcomed us to the conference, answered a few questions, and generally just made us feel part of the family. Very cool.

Sunday night we stayed out a little too late. 3 or 4 hours of sleep and a hangover is no way to start a conference! The opening keynote was set up in a theatre-in-the-round setting. I liked it but the the seats were old wooden bleachers. What I really needed was a soft bed and a cold wash cloth.

The keynote covered some impressive stats for the past year:

  • Documentum has now proven out a 1 billion object repository
  • Added 1145 net new customers and 123 net new partners
  • 8 consecutive quarters of revenue growth, 2 acquisitions (TruArc and eRoom), 21 new products

They closed the opening session with a couple of customer presentations. One was USAA which it sounds like has a fairly large implementation.

I hit sessions on Dynamic Taxonomies, Publishing to Portals, and a Home Depot case study. (Notes to follow soon).

Monday night I skipped the festivities and had dinner with my grandparents. We ate at Bon Ton which is a cool little cajun place owned and operated by one of my grandfather’s former dentistry students. It was delicious.