Blogging for Business

Blogging for Business – 37 Signals. 37 Signals are a web design and usability firm based in Chicago. They’ve got a good prezzy introducing blogs, discussing blogging for business, and covering blogs as a business. They call Blogs “tiny but mighty cms”. Take a look: Blogging for Business… [cms~wire]

From the 37 Signals article…

Businesses are starting to use blogs internally to share knowledge, disseminate information across the entire organization, and manage projects. Some advantages of using internal blogs include:

  • An archive of contributions if an employee leaves
  • Central spot for communication instead of email here, IM there
  • Written record of who said what, approvals, comments, etc.
  • Central location eases bandwidth requirements
  • Central location for project assets (logos, fonts, documentation)

This is a really good article with many links to helpful resources, particularly if you are looking to use blogs within your company.