Month: March 2004

Cocoon book didn’t cut it

I saw a Cocoon book at Borders this weekend but I decided not to get it. It didn’t cover 2.1. I did work through the doc and a couple of the how-to’s. They didn’t go as deep as I wanted. Of course, if you just want to transform XML into HTML and PDF, there’s not much to it. The continuations stuff looks more meaty.

Xindice XML database

Installed Xindice as a standalone program so I could use it for other stuff rather than using the version built-in to Cocoon. I moved all of my apache stuff so that there weren’t any spaces in the directory names, but my Documentum stuff still left spaces in my classpath. Rather than update my classpath to use the no-space version of the directory names, I updated the Xindice bat files to put the classpath variable in qutoes. That worked.