Cocoon texts

I opened up Java & XML recently because it had some references to Cocoon. The Cocoon examples are pre 2.0, so instead I worked through some of the XML-RPC chapters which were good. I’d recommend working through the whole book to anyone who’s just getting started using Java and XML together.

Before I made it to my intended destination (the SOAP and web services chapters), I decided to pick up Cocoon: Building XML Applications. I had previously seen this one but passed up. So far, it is pretty good–I’m glad I came back around. They seem to do a better job explaining the architecture than some of the articles I’ve read recently. I like the examples I’ve worked through so far. The authors spend a little too much time on the evolution of the net and web applications–I wish they would have devoted that space to some of the more advanced features. It definitely gets me excited about using Cocoon on some real projects. This is a good book for anyone starting out with XML applications with Cocoon.

I’m noticing there are a few other Cocoon texts out there but I haven’t taken a look at them yet. They are: