Ektron joins the forms-as-content race. It was perhaps inevitable that e-forms and content management would begin to converge at some level. For the past couple of years, various CMS vendors — especially the hosted sol… [CMSWatch Trends and Features]

I’m floored that the ECM vendors haven’t filled this gaping hole already. Customers spend hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars on an ECM footprint. Then, when they get it up-and-running, they ask the simple yet inevitable quesiton–How do I put some forms in my portal that can pump the data right into my ECM platform’s workflow and repository? The answer has been, “Just whip up a webapp. Here’s the API reference.” It’s a huge step backward. Not to be Old Lotus Notes Guy here, but hello? It should be nearly code-free at this point, particularly as standards like XForms gain momentum.