Month: July 2004

Documentum a “Leader” in Web Content Management

 Documentum is listed as a leader in META Group’s recently released METAspectrum report. The METAspectrum report is an evaluation of web content management (WCM) solutions in the North American marketplace…[CMSwire]

Includes a link to the META Group’s report that reviews these WCM vendors: Documentum, FatWire, Day, FileNet, Interwoven, Hyperwave, IBM, Merant, Microsoft, Mobius Management Systems, Percussion, Stellent, RedDot Solutions, and Vignette.

How long should it take to plan, select, and implement a CMS?

That’s one of the most frequently asked questions in any CMS project. One astute consultant, Martin White of Intranet Focus (UK), argues that project managers should plan on a 12- to 18-month journey. We might differ on the duration of some of the internal benchmarks White identifies (e.g. proposal review can happen faster, but implementations often take longer). But White is dead right on the typical overall duration. Plan your schedules accordingly… [CMSWatch]

Enterprise Software Ball and Chain

 If uncertainty in the content management marketplace is driving your firm to make “safe bets” with large, established vendors, reconsider your approach. A recent CIO Magazine article cites enterprise software vendors who — desperate to reach quarterly revenue targets — essentially abuse customers, who have no choice to buckle in the face of prohibitively high switching costs. Hardly a safe bet. The article counsels, “It’s time for CIOs to stand up to rapacious vendors,” and goes on to recommend, among other things, favoring niche software players. Major analyst firms are increasingly advising ECM buyers to rally around a single “strategic partner” for the enterprise. CIOs should look hard and examine whether what they’re really getting is a strategic ball and chain… [CMSWatch]

Global Content Management Growing, IBM Leads the Way. Gartner Dataquest released its Enterprise Content Management market share report on Wednesday. The results show that for the second year in a row IBM has been named the worldwide leader based in new license revenue, with 6 points of share over its nearest rival. According to the report, the emerging enterprise content management market is now estimated to be worth… [CMSWire]

Documentum took the third spot with OpenText and Interwoven/iManage rounding out the top five.

RedDot Announces Extended Content Management Solution (XCMS) Version 6.0. RedDot Solutions a provider of enterprise content management solutions, announced today the release of the RedDot Extended Content Management Solution (XCMS), Version 6.0. This latest version joins RedDot’s award-winning RedDot CMS product by building on the company’s philosophy of offering comprehensive software solutions that are easy to use and cost effective. RedDot XCMS 6.0 offers a single, scalable solution, tailored… [CMSWire]