Month: February 2005

Samba Success

My frustration level with Samba on my VMWare Linux guest OS had reached the tipping point last night when I finally had a breakthrough.

Installing the samba-client and samba-swat packages helped a bit. I used samba-client to validate that my Linux box could connect to its own shares. I used samba-swat to validate my config and get context-sensitive help on some of the smb.conf parameters.

But my Windows host OS still couldn’t see the linux shares. The host and guest could ping each other so I knew I had a base level of connectivity. Then I noticed that my Windows box couldn’t telnet to the Linux guest. That’s when I started suspecting a firewall problem on the Linux box.

I fired up the security level configuration dialog in Gnome and noticed that “eth0” was not a trusted device. As soon as I checked the box to make eth0 trusted I was able to map the shares to the host Windows box.

IBM collaboration enhancements

IBM Updates Collaboration Offerings. IBM has launched a broad array of software and technologies. The new technology and services are designed to give organizations the choice and flexibility to build the “front end” of their collaborative solutions – on a variety of client devices, from PCs to mobile devices. Along with new enhancements to Lotus Notes and Domino, IBM is introducing new WebSphere Portal and Workplace solutions. These three product families form the core of IBM’s collaboration portfolio. The new version of Lotus Notes and Domino, WebSphere Portal and the Workplace platform are designed to help organizations extend the reach and value of their back-end systems and all play a key role in increasing collaboration and productivity for employees, customers and partners. In addition to new software enhancements, IBM is also introducing new Workplace development tools, enhanced business partner programs and a new hosted solution that allows customers to leverage IBM collaborative software on demand. New products include: Notes and Domino 7, Workplace Collaborative Services, IBM Web Services for Remote Portlets (WSRP) Self-Service Validation Site, IBM Workplace for Business Controls and Reporting (WBCR), and more. [Gilbane Report News]