Month: May 2005

Interwoven and Microsoft

Interwoven Announces ECM Solutions on Microsoft Platform. Interwoven, Inc. announced they have become a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. Interwoven, building on Microsoft technologies, will enable information workers-starting with professional services firms including legal, accounting, management consulting, corporate legal departments, and IT consulting-to manage the entire content lifecycle through the tight integration of the Interwoven WorkSite Collaborative Document Management, E-Mail Management, and RecordsManager solutions with the Microsoft platform including Office, SharePoint Portal Server, and Windows. [Gilbane Report News]

Internal blog and wiki survey

Gilbane Enterprise Blog Survey.

The Gilbane Report recently posted the results of their Survey on Enterprise blog, wiki, and RSS Use. While the survey sample is not representative of a larger population of companies (the survey was voluntary and Gilbane readers are probably ahead of the curve), the results are interesting. Of the 58 respondents (mostly from companies under $25MM in annual revenues but 10 from companies of over

By (Seth). [Enter Content Here]

My LAMP VMWare image is rocking

Everything’s working great on my LAMP VMWare image. This evening I went through the IBM LAMP Tutorial. The good news is it doesn’t take too long to whip through it (about half an hour). The bad news, at least for those that lack previous programming knowledge, is that the examples are really sloppy. It’s better to follow the tutorial as a rough guide and then do your own thing than try to follow it verbatim. You would think someone would have worked through the tutorial before they put it online.

I’m definitely ready for some beefier examples. After playing with it for a few hours, I can see the attraction to PHP over the other “P” languages, at least for working with web applications. Having all of the presentation and business logic intermingled kind of makes me feel dirty, though. Hopefully, there’s a way to separate the two.

XML editor reviews

Evaluating XML editors. Check out this nice review of XML editors (thanks to Owen Ambur of We would have liked to see some other options included, such as Ektron’s browser-based XML editor and the well-regarded tool from Xopus, along with perhaps more emphasis on usability. In any case, the long list of criteria here suggests that there is more than first meets the eye when looking at tools for managing structured content…… [CMSWatch Trends and Features]

PHP-Nuke Review

PHP-Nuke Review. The latest Intranet Journal reviews PHP-Nuke. We link to a lot of trade-press product reviews, but remember they are almost uniformly glowing. You will find few comparative analyses, and this article is no exception. The author does point out that PHP-Nuke (like all the other Nukes, we wish he’d add) is more than a CMS and really represents a website-in-a-box application potentially well-suited for certain collaborative Intranet environments. The review also helpfully advises caution in examining the provenance of optional add-ons. But what about documentation? “It is likely that a documentation project will be launched in the future”…… [CMSWatch Trends and Features]