Quick summary on Documentum DevCon

Although steeply-priced at $2495, the annual EMC Documentum Developer Conference offered in-depth looks into the forthcoming 5.3 sp1 release (due out tomorrow) and access to Documentum product managers and engineers. I’d estimate about 300 developers from around the world attended the four day conference in Berkeley.

Release 5.3 sp1 promises to be pretty major, as far as service packs go. Many of the features that didn’t make it in to 5.3 due to time constraints are included in the service pack. That’s contrary to the normal EMC Documentum practice of limiting service packs to bug fixes with only minor changes or additions to functionality.

From my perspective, one of the most anticipated features is the next generation of the Business Objects Framework, BOF 2.0. The ability to hot-deploy and sandbox BOF Type Based Objects (TBO’s) and Service Based Objects (SBO’s) is high on my list. There’s also a new package of Search interfaces that look interesting.

This release will be the first in which Linux is supported across the stack. Release 5.3 installed without issue on my Red Hat Linux Enterprise 3 VMWare image. Customers already familiar with content server installations on other flavors of Unix should not have a problem.