Ready to start the new year

My long end-of-year break has come to a close. I’m looking forward to a strong start on 2006. My ECM practice at Navigator continues to gain momentum with some recent internal transfers into my group and a decent approach for external hiring and on-boarding in the first part of the new year.

Over the break we had fun spending time with family. We even managed to slip in a spur-of-the-moment road trip up to Nebraska to surprise Christy’s sister and her family.

I’ve finally started my project to connect my entertainment center with my network. Step one–upgrade the wireless network–is done. I’m loving my Belkin Pre-N MIMO router and PC card. No more slow, spotty wireless for me.

The new Dell XPS box arrives later this week. It’s got a dual tuner TV card in it so we’ll finally be able to join the time-shifter ranks.

The final step is a media extender box so I can stream my videos, pics, and music from the office to the family room. My original plan was to use an XBox 360 but if Microsoft doesn’t get their supply act together I might have to settle for the Linksys. Of course with the Dell’s 20-inch widescreen display I might just forego the family room altogether!