Major blog cleanup

I spent some time doing the big tidy-up on today. If you subscribe to my feed, you may be getting a bunch of old posts in your aggregator because I updated several old posts where titles were missing or where categories were set to “Uncategorized”. (I’m not sure I made the situation much better–I categorized most of those under “General”).

I also installed a new WordPress Theme–Ed Merritt‘s Ocean Mist. Most people get by on the feeds in their aggregator but for those who happen to drop by the site itself, Ed’s theme is obviously a huge improvement over the default.

I tried to fix missing titles where I could (posts from my Radio UserLand days are often missing titles), but it’s a daunting task to undertake manually. I might have to see if someone’s already written a script to take care of it.

Last, I implemented some anti-spam counter-measures. I may start turning comments on for selected posts. Posts in which I had accidentally left comments turned on had attracted several hundred spam comments so hopefully the new plug-in will keep it to a minimum.