Roller leaves the nest

According to CMS Wire, Java-based blog server Roller has graduated from the Apache incubator. At Optaros, we’re doing some work for a client right now that involves implementing Roller as one component of the company’s Enterprise 2.0 initiative. Their Enterprise 2.0 stack includes Liferay for portal/presentation services, Alfresco for portal content, documement, and web content management, Roller for internal and public-facing blogs, and Confluence for internal wiki.

So far, Roller has been relatively straightforward to integrate with Liferay, but in the initial phase we’re doing very light integration. It essentially involves skinning the Roller UI so that the experience will be fairly seamless as portal users move from the RSS portlet to Roller (for example, when they comment on a blog post). In a later phase we hope to implement a much tighter integration, perhaps through Roller-specific Liferay portlets.