Alfresco recognizes’s Alfresco Developer Series

I’m very pleased to announce to readers that Alfresco has chosen me as their Community Contributor of the Month for December, 2007. This is primarily in recognition of the Alfresco Developer Series articles I’ve posted this year which are aimed at bringing new developers up-to-speed on the platform.

I’m extremely flattered that Alfresco chose me to be the first recipient as part of this program. I think it highlights the fact that in the open source community, there are numerous ways you can get involved that can add value, whether that’s by writing code, helping test a new release, contributing a project to the forge, or writing documentation.

I’m also fortunate that Optaros encourages and expects employees to get involved in the open source community–it’s one of the many reasons I joined the company.

Last, thanks to everyone at Alfresco (John Newton, Matt Asay, Paul Holmes-Higgin, Kevin Cochrane, Luis Sala) and Optaros (Marc Osofsky, Dave Gynn, John Eckman, Brian Doyal) for encouraging, reviewing and promoting the articles.

And a special thanks to those of you that have read the articles and left comments or approached me at conferences over the past year. Knowing you are getting value out of this stuff makes it worthwhile.

Okay, cue the music and cut my mike. I’m off to the after party.