ScribeFire’s blogging client is sweet

I am totally digging ScribeFire. It’s a Firefox extension that lets me write blog posts without leaving the web page I’m on. It can post to any blog server that can speak XML-RPC. For me the benefits are:

  • I don’t have to leave the page or open a new tab to log in to my blog or write a post.
  • I don’t have to give up any functionality like tagging or categorizing my posts.
  • The editor seems more reliable than the one built in to WordPress and Drupal.
  • I can easily write one post and publish it to both and

Regarding this last point, I try not to have much duplication between the two blogs. There is some overlap, but the purpose and audience of the two blogs are generally separate. Still, when I need to post in both places, ScribeFire saves me a lot of time. I can write the post once, categorize it for, post it, then tweak it if needed, categorize it for, then post it there, all in a single UI.