Month: August 2008

Alfresco dynamic list constraints example

Jean Barmash has published an example showing how to do dynamic list constraints for Alfresco properties. His example accepts a Lucene query to populate the list but it can easily be extended to query anything you want.UPDATE (12/1/2009):The link to Jean’s example in my original post wasn’t a permalink. I’ve corrected that. To clarify:

  • Jean’s post on dynamically updating dependent dropdowns is here.
  • His original post on data-driven dropdowns is here.

Obviously, these two techniques can be combined.

Progress on the Alfresco book

Several readers have asked how the book I’m writing on Alfresco development is coming along. First of all, thanks for asking. It has been quite a project. The first draft of the entire book is now complete. What’s happening now is that a group of technical reviewers from Alfresco, Optaros, and Packt, the book’s publisher, are going through the chapters and providing comments. So far, I’ve been able to turn those around quickly but I anticipate an increasing volume of feedback as we move into the later, more technical, chapters.

I’m pretty excited about how it is coming together. If you like the tone and scope of the Alfresco Developer Series of tutorials you’re going to like the book. The book is full of hands-on examples so it should be really good for people that are new to the Alfresco platform.

It would be great if we could publish by the time the North American Community Conference happens in Washington D.C. on October 9th, but to be honest, I’m not exactly sure what the schedule looks like from here on out. I’ll give another update as we get closer to publication.