Alfresco Surf 3.0 Code Camp NYC in the bag

What a great group of campers we had today at the Alfresco 3.0 Surf Camp in New York City. We were all quite impressed with how much the attendees were able to get accomplished.

It’s clear that experience with web scripts sets one up for success with Surf. Surf is a two-tier framework. The repository tier is exposed to the presentation or Surf tier through web scripts running on the repository. So, obviously experience writing repository tier web scripts is directly applicable. On the presentation tier, it is still MVC and web scripts, but Surf adds page definition and templating constructs. The biggest challenge for people already familiar with web scripts, then, is to learn the presentation tier lingo and to sort out the numerous XML files, what they do, where they go, etc.

The best way to learn Surf seems to be to start with a simple Share dashlet then work up to building a complete web site. The dashlet gives you a chance to practice with the Surf JavaScript API and to make remote calls to the Alfresco repository (or other HTTP end points). Once you get the hang of that, try to build a simple one page web site that maybe queries some data from the repository and formats the results. Then, broaden from there.

Anyway, thanks to everyone that attended or helped put this together.