Alfresco encourages WCM users to stay on 2.2 SP2

I don’t normally cover release announcements unless they are significant. Today Alfresco announced the release of 2.2 SP2. This one is noteworthy because it includes “key enhancements” to Alfresco WCM. Alfresco is encouraging WCM users to stay on the 2.2 code line rather than upgrade to 3.0 because these enhancements are not yet merged into 3.0. Alfresco says they will be part of the 3.1 release which will likely be some time in February.People running on the DM side of the house can upgrade to whichever release makes sense. Obviously, Alfresco hopes that is 3.0. Many clients deploy solutions that span both DM and WCM. My hunch is that waiting for 3.1 will make the most sense in those cases.