Month: March 2010

Using cmislib to migrate digital assets to CMIS repositories

The follow-on to my introduction to cmislib, published on developerWorks earlier in the week, is now live. In the article, Jay Brown, the development lead for IBM’s CMIS servers, walks you through a small utility that leverages Python and cmislib to xcopy image files (and their embedded EXIF metadata) into a CMIS repository.

When Jay wrote the article and the code that goes with it, he initially tested against his own IBM CMIS servers. As soon as the core functionality was complete, he changed the service URL in his config file to point to Alfresco’s CMIS server and it ran like a charm. That’s the beauty of CMIS and cmislib: Write once, manage digital assets anywhere.

New developerWorks article on cmislib

If you would like to learn more about cmislib, an open source CMIS client API for Python that works with any CMIS-compliant repository such as Alfresco, FileNet, Nuxeo, OpenText, and others, check out my new developerWorks article.

This is part one in a two-part series. In the second part, which will be published soon, Jay Brown from IBM talks about how he used cmislib to create an xcopy-like utility that copies images from a file system into any CMIS repository. As it does the copy, it inspects the image’s EXIF tags and if the target document type has corresponding properties, it populates those properties with the image metadata.

Drupal Open Atrium and Alfresco CMIS files

A lot of people have been asking for the files we used to integrate Alfresco CMIS with Drupal Open Atrium (See blog post). I’ve happily mailed those to whomever asked. I’ve had the intention of testing them with the latest version, cleaning them up, and putting somewhere more appropriate like the Open Atrium feature server, or at the very least, Google Code or GitHub. But it hasn’t happened yet so I figured I’d make them available here and appeal to the Community to give them a good home.

The zip includes a readme file with (very) rough install/config directions.

Good luck!