Take the 2011 Alfresco Community Survey

When I announced my new role as Alfresco’s Chief Community Officer I mentioned that I would be asking you, the community of end-users, developers, partners, and Alfresco employees, for your input on how to make the Alfresco Community the example for all other commercial open source companies to follow. Obviously, I’ll take feedback in any form I can get it, but what would be great is if you would take 15 minutes to complete this survey. If you complete the survey by May 31, 2011, you could win one of two $250 Amazon gift cards.

Now, I know surveys can be a beating. But the information it helps me gather will allow us to plan all kinds of great things for the Alfresco community, from events to community tools. So, please speak up and give me your opinion and I’ll promise to listen and then to push for changes that matter most to the community. I’ll also summarize and present this data back to the community. If we do this year after year, we can hopefully see some cool trends emerge as we make progress.