Alfresco as a Platform: Your thoughts?

Back in March of 2007 I gave one of my first public talks on Alfresco in Boston at what was then billed as the first public Alfresco meetup (at least in the US). My topic was “Alfresco as a Platform”. In looking back at the presentation I’m struck both by how much has stayed the same and by how much has changed.

Today I’ve added a post on Alfresco’s blog entitled, “Alfresco as a Platform“. The post is probably preaching to the converted for many of the readers of my blog. My goal with the post is to encourage IT organizations to recognize the “capture, organize, and share” problem that everyone has and to address it with an IT-approved stack. I then identify the key innovations added over the life of the product–Web Scripts, CMIS, SharePoint/IMAP/SMTP, and Workflow–that make Alfresco a strong platform for content-centric applications, and therefore an excellent choice to be part of that stack.

Many of you have been in the Alfresco community for multiple years now. How has “Alfresco as a Platform” changed over time from your perspective? How has it stayed the same?