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Key Activiti engineering leads have resigned from Alfresco Software

Independent sources within the company confirm that key leaders of the Activiti team have just resigned from Alfresco Software. Despite rumors to the contrary, this was not a coordinated effort with the team leaving en masse–each of the three departing … Continue reading

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Updated tutorial: Creating custom advanced workflows in Alfresco

I have published a major revision of my “Creating custom advanced workflows in Alfresco” tutorial. Major changes include: The tutorial now uses the Alfresco Maven SDK to instantiate the projects and to produce and install AMPs. The tutorial no longer … Continue reading

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DevCon Hack-a-Thon & Activiti Day

Just a quick note about recent DevCon goings-on in case you’ve missed this via other channels… Early-Bird Registration Ends 10 September! Just a friendly reminder: You can save some money if you sign up before 10 September, so do not … Continue reading

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New Activiti Release includes Designer Plug-in Enhancements

Did you know there’s a new release of Activiti out? Okay, it has been out since March but I’m just now getting around to saying something about it. I haven’t given the entire thing a thorough evaluation, but if you … Continue reading

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Alfresco tutorial: Advanced Workflows using Activiti

In 2007, I wrote a tutorial on Alfresco’s advanced workflows which I later used as the basis for the workflow chapter in the Alfresco Developer Guide. It showed examples using jBPM and the old Alfresco Explorer web client. Then, in … Continue reading

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Trying out Activiti: Examples that leverage Alfresco’s new workflow engine

I’ve been playing with Activiti. It’s an open source, BPMN 2.0 compliant business process engine. The project is sponsored by Alfresco, who hired Tom Baeyens and Joram Barrez, the founders of jBPM, to create the Apache-licensed engine (take a look … Continue reading

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Collaborative content creation with Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk has been intriguing to me since I first heard about it. I think it is because the idea of essentially having a workflow with tasks that can be handled by any one of potentially hundreds of thousands … Continue reading

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Top Takeaways from the Alfresco Kickoff

Alfresco kicked off their fiscal year with a meeting last week in Orlando. About 100 Alfresco employees and 50 partners attended two days of Alfresco-led talks on business and technical topics. As an aside, the conference food at the JW … Continue reading

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