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A simple one-way calendar integration for Alfresco Share

A common request is to integrate the Alfresco Share calendar with an external calendaring system such as Outlook, Google Calendar, or Zimbra. Without an integration, people end up doing double-entry. You’ve already got a calendar that works pretty well. Why … Continue reading

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Five steps you can use to figure out how anything in Alfresco Share really works

A forums user recently asked how to use the “quick share” feature from their own code. The implementation is easy to figure out, but I thought illustrating the steps you should use to dig into it would be instructive, because … Continue reading

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Quick Hack: Creating default folder structures in Alfresco Share sites

Someone recently asked how to create Alfresco Share sites with a default folder structure. Currently, out-of-the-box, when you create an Alfresco Share site, the document library is empty. This person instead wanted to define a set of folders that would … Continue reading

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Let’s stop writing books about Alfresco Explorer

I used to be of the opinion that when it came to books about Alfresco, the more, the better. But with about a dozen on the market at this point, I think it is probably past time to start focusing … Continue reading

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Alfresco Tutorial: Custom actions including Share configuration

I’ve published a revision of my original Alfresco custom actions tutorial. The second edition greatly expands on the first by adding a UI action example. The original included only a rule action example. Just like the second edition of the … Continue reading

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Will Abson’s Wonderful World of Dashlets

Back when Alfresco first launched Surf, the framework on which Alfresco Share is based, a handful of us went to Chicago to hang out in a conference room on a ship in the harbor where we did a deep dive … Continue reading

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Trying out Activiti: Examples that leverage Alfresco’s new workflow engine

I’ve been playing with Activiti. It’s an open source, BPMN 2.0 compliant business process engine. The project is sponsored by Alfresco, who hired Tom Baeyens and Joram Barrez, the founders of jBPM, to create the Apache-licensed engine (take a look … Continue reading

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Improving Alfresco Share performance by using getChildren

I had a client that was seeing response time in the neighborhood of several seconds for the Alfresco Share document library and data list pages across all of his sites. The client’s Share install had just over 1,000 Share sites. … Continue reading

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Now available: Alfresco Fivestar Ratings add-on for Alfresco Share

A couple of weeks ago I posted a survey asking if anyone saw any value in a five star ratings widget for Alfresco Share. Honestly, it would have only taken one or two positive responses–even if no one needed one, … Continue reading

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