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Cool things you can do in Alfresco with cmis:item support

I’ve been taking a look at the newly-added support for cmis:item in Alfresco. As a refresher for those who may not be familiar, cmis:item is a new object type added to the CMIS 1.1 specification. Alfresco added support for CMIS … Continue reading

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Deal of the Day: 50%-off CMIS & Apache Chemistry in Action

The book I co-authored with Florian Mueller (SAP) and Jay Brown (IBM), CMIS and Apache Chemistry in Action, is 50% off today (January 30). Use code dotd013014au when you checkout. If you are doing anything with CMIS, whether that is … Continue reading

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CMIS example: Uploading multiple files to a CMIS repository

In my previous post on CMIS, I introduced the Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) specification and the Apache Chemistry project. You learned that CMIS gives you a language-neutral, vendor-independent way to perform CRUD functions against any CMIS-compliant server using a … Continue reading

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CMIS: An open API for managing content

Most of the content in a company is completely unstructured. Just think about the documents you collaborate on with the rest of your team throughout the day. They might include things like proposals, architecture diagrams, presentations, invoices, screenshots, videos, books, … Continue reading

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CMIS & Apache Chemistry in Action is 43% off through August 5

To celebrate the launch of the CMIS and Apache Chemistry book in print, Manning is offering 43% off through August 5, 2013. To get the discount, use promo code pbcmisml when you buy the book at http://www.manning.com/mueller/.

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Five of your favorite Alfresco-related presentations

If views of my presentations on SlideShare are any indication, a whole lot of you are interested in integrating Drupal and Alfresco. Despite the fact that the presentation is four years old, it consistently makes the “most viewed” list out … Continue reading

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CMIS 1.1 is now an approved spec; Here’s a recap of what’s new

With a final, heroic push and get-out-the-vote campaign, the OASIS CMIS Technical Committee (TC), the committee that is responsible for moving the CMIS specification forward, was able to get enough votes on Thursday to ratify the next version of Content … Continue reading

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Alfresco Berlin Meetup Agenda

On Friday, May 10, we’ll be having a half-day meetup in Berlin, Germany in conjunction with the Codemotion conference happening at the same time. Everyone is welcome to attend and there is no cost, even if you are not registered … Continue reading

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Announcement: Apache Chemistry cmislib 0.5.1 now available

The Apache Chemistry project is pleased to announce that cmislib 0.5.1 is now available (home, docs). Developers can use cmislib to write Python applications against any CMIS-compliant repository such as Alfresco, SharePoint, Nuxeo, and FileNet. You can download the client … Continue reading

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My New Book: CMIS and Apache Chemistry in Action

I’ve been working on another book project along with Jay Brown from IBM and Florian Mueller from SAP. It’s called “CMIS and Apache Chemistry in Action” and we intend for it to be the definitive guide to CMIS. I’m having … Continue reading

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