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Can GateIn, the new JBoss Portal/eXo Portal combination, outshine Liferay?

I know I’m way behind on this. I’m kind of surprised at how little attention it has received. Maybe I need to refresh my portal-based news feeds. In any case, earlier this Summer, JBoss and eXo announced they would be … Continue reading

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Review: Liferay Portal 5.2 Systems Development, by Jonas X. Yuan

I’ve just finished Jonas X. Yuan’s book, Liferay Portal 5.2 Systems Development and I thought I’d share a few thoughts. First, I should probably get this out of the way: Jonas works for Cignex, which, from time to time, competes … Continue reading

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Yet another reason to love Open Source Content Management

Man, I don’t miss delivering solutions on top of Documentum. After reading Laurence Hart’s post on Documentum Developer Edition, I’m reminded how much I take for granted working exclusively in the open source content management world. Laurence’s post was intended … Continue reading

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Notes from OSCON 2009 in San Jose

I’m back from San Jose. My colleage, Dave Gynn, and I had fun at the O’Reilly Open Source Conference (OSCON) and learned a lot. Dave’s ability to pick out open source rockstars from a crowd is uncanny. It was pretty … Continue reading

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Alfresco User Interface: What are my options?

People often need to build a custom user interface on top of the Alfresco repository and I see a lot of people asking general questions about how to do it. There are lots of options to consider. Here are four … Continue reading

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Running Alfresco web scripts as Liferay portlets

I’ve seen a lot of Liferay and Alfresco forum posts from people having trouble getting Alfresco running within a Liferay portal. Once that’s done, people usually want to invoke Alfresco web scripts as portlets without requiring a separate single sign-on … Continue reading

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