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Big News: I’ve left Optaros to start my own firm

After nearly four years at Optaros I’ve decided to start a new chapter in my career. I’ve created a new firm called Metaversant that is focused on providing content-centric solutions and consulting to clients across all verticals and geographies. Based … Continue reading

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cmislib: A CMIS client library for Python

I’ve started a new project on Google Code called cmislib. It is an interoperable client library for CMIS in Python that uses the Restful AtomPub Binding of a CMIS provider to perform CRUD and query functions on the repository. I … Continue reading

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Forrester says 2010 looks good for ECM

Forrester has released the results from its 2009 Global Enterprise Content Management Online Survey. Here are a few of the things that jumped out at me… 72% of respondents plan on increasing their ECM investments in the coming year. That’s … Continue reading

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New Tutorial: Getting Started with CMIS

I’ve written a new tutorial on the proposed Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) standard called, “Getting Started with CMIS“. The tutorial first takes you through an overview of the specification. Then, I do several examples. The examples start out using … Continue reading

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Top Five Alfresco Roadmap Takeaways

Now that the last of the Alfresco Fall meetups has concluded in the US, I thought I’d summarize my takeaways. Overall I thought the events were really good. The informative sessions were well-attended. Everyone I talked to was glad they … Continue reading

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Django + Alfresco was a winning combination for retailer’s intranet

Last week I spent some time with one of our clients talking about what it’s been like to live with their Intranet platform based on Django and Alfresco. The conversation got me really excited about what they’ve been able to … Continue reading

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Alfresco Share microblogging component released as open source

Back in February (I know, it’s been simmering on the back burner for too long), I did a couple of screencasts on Optaros Labs showing a demo of Alfresco Share (part 1, part 2). In part 2 of that screencast … Continue reading

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Screencast: Basic Alfresco-Kaltura integration

Bryan Spaulding, Media Practice Lead at Optaros, and I have been thinking about lightweight digital asset management and Alfresco. Alfresco can manage any kind of asset, including rich media. It has some built-in functionality for doing image transformations and you … Continue reading

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Screencast: Drupal Open Atrium with Alfresco CMIS

UPDATE: Screencast now lives here: I recorded a quick screencast of a simple integration we did to show Open Atrium leveraging Alfresco as a formal document repository via CMIS. This leverages the CMIS Alfresco module we developed and released on … Continue reading

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Drupal + Alfresco webinar slides available

People want intranets that are fun and easy to use, full of compelling content relevant to their job, and enabled with social and community features to help them discover connections with other teams, projects, and colleagues. IT wants something that’s … Continue reading

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