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Book Review: Learning Alfresco Web Scripts

Packt Publishing recently sent me a copy of Learning Alfresco Web Scripts by Ramesh Chauhan to review in exchange for my thoughts on the book which I’ll share with you now… Web Scripts are an essential part of Alfresco. If … Continue reading

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Updated tutorial: Introduction to Alfresco Web Scripts

I have published a new version of my Introduction to Web Scripts tutorial. This is a major revision that refactors the tutorial to leverage the Alfresco Maven SDK and AMPs. In addition, I have done a little bit of reorganization … Continue reading

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Tip: How to move an Alfresco category

Alfresco has a category hierarchy that can be used to categorize content. Unlike tags, which are not in a hierarchy and can be created by anyone, categories must be managed by an administrator. But even an administrator cannot move a … Continue reading

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Improving Alfresco Share performance by using getChildren

I had a client that was seeing response time in the neighborhood of several seconds for the Alfresco Share document library and data list pages across all of his sites. The client’s Share install had just over 1,000 Share sites. … Continue reading

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Book Review: Alfresco 3 Web Services

I’ve just finished reading Alfresco 3 Web Services, by Ugo Cei and Piergiorgio Lucidi, which Packt sent me to read and comment on. Alfresco 3 Web Services is meant for developers with a very specific focus: Remotely talking to Alfresco. … Continue reading

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Spring, Roo, and Alfresco Too: What Alfresco Gave to Spring and Why

You’ll recall from my community event takeaways post in November that Alfresco announced plans around Surf, the Apache license, and Spring but the details were foggy at the time. This week, Alfresco and SpringSource announced that Surf, Web Scripts, and … Continue reading

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Keeping your Alfresco web scripts DRY

One of my teammates thoroughly drenched our under-the-desk development server with a giant cup of coffee once. Somehow, disaster was avoided, although the client’s carpet had a nice coffee-stain outline of the server’s footprint long after the app rolled out … Continue reading

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Webinar: Developer’s Intro to Alfresco Part 3: Web Scripts & Surf

Part 3 of the “Developer’s Introduction to Alfresco” webinars is today at 12 Eastern (GMT – 5). I’ll be talking about web scripts, Surf, and CMIS. The format will be the same as the first two parts: you’ll watch a … Continue reading

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Alfresco Surf Code Camp: Do-It-Yourself

Did you miss the Alfresco Surf Code Camps? I’ve got you covered. With Alfresco’s blessing (they wrote most of the content, after all) I’ve uploaded the Optaros Alfresco 3.0 Surf Code Camp instructor presentations and class labs to slideshare.net. You … Continue reading

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Running Alfresco web scripts as Liferay portlets

I’ve seen a lot of Liferay and Alfresco forum posts from people having trouble getting Alfresco running within a Liferay portal. Once that’s done, people usually want to invoke Alfresco web scripts as portlets without requiring a separate single sign-on … Continue reading

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