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Tech Talk Live Lives: Join us on the 1st Wednesday of each month

They say good habits are like fine crystal: Hard to make and easily broken. We resurrected the Tech Talk Live series a few times last year and then DevCon rolled around and obliterated any hope of continuing the monthly webinar in the last quarter of 2011.

So after a brief hiatus, it is time to get it going again. We do these on the first Wednesday of each month and that means this Wednesday is the day. Our topic will be “Packaging and Deployment Best Practices” and with the panel we’ve put together it should be lively and entertaining. Joining me will be Richard McKnight, Gabriele Columbro, Jared Ottley, and Richard Esplin. We’ll be talking about the new Add-Ons directory, AMPs, Maven, and all sorts of good stuff around packaging and deploying extensions for Alfresco.

Register here. The session will be recorded, so if you miss it, you can catch up later.

Webinar: Getting Started with CMIS

If you are brand new to CMIS or have heard about it but aren’t sure how to get started, you might want to join me in a free webinar on Thursday, January 26 at 15:00 GMT. I’m going to give a brief intro to the Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) standard and then I’m going to jump right in to examples that leverage Apache Chemistry OpenCMIS (Java), Apache Chemistry cmislib (Python), and Groovy (via the OpenCMIS Workbench).

UPDATED on 1/26 to fix webinar link (thanks, Alessandro). See comments for a link to webinar recording and slides.

Drupal + Alfresco webinar slides available

People want intranets that are fun and easy to use, full of compelling content relevant to their job, and enabled with social and community features to help them discover connections with other teams, projects, and colleagues. IT wants something that’s lightweight and flexible enough to respond to the needs of the business that won’t cost a fortune.

That’s why Drupal + Alfresco is a great combination for things like intranets like the one Optaros built for Activision and why we had a record-breaking turnout for the Drupal + Alfresco webinar Chris Fuller and I did today. Thanks to everyone who came and asked good questions. I’ve posted the slides. Alfresco recorded the webinar so they’ll make it available soon, I’m sure. When that happens, I’ll update the post with a link. Until then, enjoy the slides.

[UPDATE: Fixed the slideshare link (thanks, David!) and added the links to the webinar recording below]

1. Streaming recording link:

2. Download recording link:

Webinar: Developer’s Intro to Alfresco Part 3: Web Scripts & Surf

Part 3 of the “Developer’s Introduction to Alfresco” webinars is today at 12 Eastern (GMT – 5). I’ll be talking about web scripts, Surf, and CMIS. The format will be the same as the first two parts: you’ll watch a pre-recorded presentation for about 30 minutes, then I’ll do at least a 30 minute live Q&A session.

Also, I know I’ve been slow in getting this posted, but the Part Two presentation and Q&A recordings are available at Alfresco’s on-demand events page.

Webinar: Developer’s Intro to Alfresco Part Two

I’m doing Part Two of a three-part “Developer’s Introduction to Alfresco” webinar tomorrow at 11:00 Central/12:00 Eastern/16:00 GMT. We’ll be covering custom content modeling and actions.

Last week’s Part One webinar was well-attended and we had a great Q&A session following so I’m looking forward to another good one, particularly as we start to get a little more technical.

Event logistics are at Alfresco’s events page.

Webinar: Developer’s Intro to Alfresco, Part One

I’m doing a one-hour webinar with Alfresco today at 12:00 Eastern. This is part one in a three-part series that introduces the Alfresco platform from a developer perspective. Learn more at Alfresco’s events page.

Update: You can catch the playback if you want. We did the webinar in two separate chunks. The first was a pre-recorded presentation and demo. The second was live Q&A.

I’ll post the date and registration info for the second part soon.