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Key Activiti engineering leads have resigned from Alfresco Software

Independent sources within the company confirm that key leaders of the Activiti team have just resigned from Alfresco Software. Despite rumors to the contrary, this was not a coordinated effort with the team leaving en masse–each of the three departing … Continue reading

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Alfresco embraces AngularJS: Now what?

In 2009 I wrote a blog post called “Alfresco User Interface: What are my options?”  because people frequently asked for recommendations around that and they still do. Then, in 2010 at the very first Alfresco DevCon, I gave a talk … Continue reading

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Why Alfresco follows the same strategy as closed source commercial software companies

My friend and colleague, Peter Löfgren, recently wrote a blog post on what he sees as the two possible strategies Alfresco could pursue. He describes the two approaches as follows: Vertical: You try to get as many as possible Community … Continue reading

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What’s new in Alfresco Community Edition 5.1?

This post covers the significant new features of Alfresco Community Edition 5.1. I’ve also published a YouTube video that demos the new features. New Release Names Alfresco Community Edition 5.1, which you may see referenced as “201602-GA”, has been released. … Continue reading

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A simple one-way calendar integration for Alfresco Share

A common request is to integrate the Alfresco Share calendar with an external calendaring system such as Outlook, Google Calendar, or Zimbra. Without an integration, people end up doing double-entry. You’ve already got a calendar that works pretty well. Why … Continue reading

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Register now for BeeCon, the Alfresco Community Conference

Registration for BeeCon 2016 is now open. What the heck is BeeCon? BeeCon is the first-ever, independently-organized conference focused entirely on Alfresco. The BeeCon web site says it best: Alfresco professionals and enthusiasts come to BeeCon to sharpen their technical … Continue reading

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Using Elasticsearch to more effectively target dynamic content

One of my clients came to me with a problem: Despite being a much-admired Fortune 500 company that leads its competitors in the travel industry in customer satisfaction and profitability, their web site, through which the vast majority of their … Continue reading

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Back to the Future of Content Repositories

Five years ago I wrote a blog post called, “Alfresco, NoSQL, and the Future of ECM“. Today is “Back to the Future Day”–the exact date Marty McFly time-traveled to in the movie Back to the Future. The movie made many … Continue reading

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Alfresco cancels Summit, asks community to organize its own conference

Earlier this week, in a post to a public mailing list, Ole Hejlskov, Developer Evangelist at Alfresco, announced that the company will not be putting on its annual conference, Alfresco Summit, this year as originally planned. Instead, the company is … Continue reading

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The plain truth about Alfresco’s open source ethos

There was a small flare-up on the Order of the Bee list this week. It started when someone suggested that the Community Edition (CE) versus Enterprise Edition comparison page on put CE in a negative light. In full disclosure, … Continue reading

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