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Commercial support for Drupal

Screencast: Alfresco-Drupal CMIS Integration Demo

UPDATE: Screencast now lives here:

I’ve created a new screencast that shows the Alfresco-Drupal CMIS integration in action over at Optaros Labs. The screencast shows content moving back-and-forth between Alfresco and Drupal, content being displayed in a Drupal site that lives in Alfresco, and a CMIS CQL query being executed against the Alfresco repository from Drupal.

The Drupal CMIS module and the CMIS Alfresco module are available at

InfoWorld gives Acquia Drupal a spin

Over at InfoWorld, Mike Heck spent a few days playing with Acquia Drupal, Acquia’s commercially-supported Drupal distribution. He also tested out some of the features provided by Acquia Network and threw a couple of test issues at Acquia’s support team. Mike liked what he saw and said he saved a lot of time using Acquia’s distribution instead of having to start with Drupal core and then adding the modules himself, but admitted that his week or so with the product wasn’t enough to truly put the product or the support organization through its paces.

UPDATE: Removed the word “hardened”. Acquia does not change Drupal core.

Acquia Drupal officially launches

Do you love Drupal but wish you could get a “certified” version and commercial support? Now you can. Acquia, the commercial company recently formed by Drupal founder Dries Buytaert and Jay Batson, officially launched Acquia Drupal this week (press release). Acquia Drupal is a commercially-supported distribution of Drupal. It includes Drupal Core plus a handful of essential modules. In addition to the distribution, customers can take advantage of the Acquia Network for things like monitoring, spam blocking, and update notification.

Acquia Drupal and Acquia Network subscriptions are freely-available, even if you don’t pay for support. If you want to try it out, check out the download instructions.

Optaros is very excited about the launch and we look forward to working with the Acquia team. We’ve had success implementing Drupal as a community platform for a number of clients. Having a commercial company behind Drupal is a big step toward broader acceptance among enterprises who can’t or are unwilling to self-support.

Acquia to provide vertical solutions, commercial support

In this CMSWire interview with Drupal founder Dries Buytaert we get a glimpse at what Dries’ new company, Acquia, is all about.

Acquia will provide added value to Drupal users by reducing risk and saving them time. Users who are cautious about deploying Drupal will have the option to purchase a commercial subscription from Acquia to help them maintain and monitor their Drupal website.

Dries goes on to say that Acquia will provide solutions built on top of Drupal, but the specific vertical (Media & Publishing, Education) and/or horizontal (Corporate Intranets) is still being finalized.