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Five of your favorite Alfresco-related presentations

If views of my presentations on SlideShare are any indication, a whole lot of you are interested in integrating Drupal and Alfresco. Despite the fact that the presentation is four years old, it consistently makes the “most viewed” list out … Continue reading

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Two oldies but goodies: Screencasts showing Alfresco, Drupal, and Open Atrium

Back when I was at Optaros and CMIS was first showing up in Alfresco in draft form, we developed the Drupal CMIS module. We had a few customers interested in combining the two technologies but I think we were a … Continue reading

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Alfresco, NOSQL, and the Future of ECM

Alfresco wants to be a best-in-class repository for you to build your content-centric applications on top of. Interest in NOSQL repositories seems to be growing, with many large well-known sites choosing non-relational back-ends. Are Alfresco (and, more generally, nearly all … Continue reading

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Drupal Open Atrium and Alfresco CMIS files

A lot of people have been asking for the files we used to integrate Alfresco CMIS with Drupal Open Atrium (See blog post). I’ve happily mailed those to whomever asked. I’ve had the intention of testing them with the … Continue reading

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Vote to include my CMIS session at Drupalcon

Fellow Optaros colleague, Chris Fuller, and I want to present on the Alfresco-Drupal integration at Drupalcon in San Francisco (April 19-21). If you’re interested in Alfresco, Drupal, and CMIS (any or all of the above), please vote for our session.

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Screencast: Drupal Open Atrium with Alfresco CMIS

UPDATE: Screencast now lives here: I recorded a quick screencast of a simple integration we did to show Open Atrium leveraging Alfresco as a formal document repository via CMIS. This leverages the CMIS Alfresco module we developed and released on … Continue reading

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Drupal + Alfresco webinar slides available

People want intranets that are fun and easy to use, full of compelling content relevant to their job, and enabled with social and community features to help them discover connections with other teams, projects, and colleagues. IT wants something that’s … Continue reading

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Drupal, Django, and Alfresco in Chicago

I’ll be in Chicago tomorrow for the Alfresco Meetup. I’ll be speaking during the Barcamp on Alfresco and Drupal integration with CMIS (module, screencast). I’ll also have the Alfresco-Django integration running on my laptop. I may not have time to … Continue reading

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Alfresco User Interface: What are my options?

People often need to build a custom user interface on top of the Alfresco repository and I see a lot of people asking general questions about how to do it. There are lots of options to consider. Here are four … Continue reading

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Optaros press release: InfoWorld relaunches on Drupal

Another large, well-known site has moved to Drupal. Optaros and IDG Communications issued the press release today, but the new InfoWorld site went live on the popular open source community platform last week. Congrats to the IDG and Optaros teams … Continue reading

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