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A NoSQL repository uses something other than a relational model for persistence. They tend to be highly-scalable and come in a variety of flavors from key-value stores to graph stores to document stores.

Alfresco Anti-Patterns: When You Probably Shouldn’t Use Alfresco

There are plenty of write-ups listing what Alfresco can do–I thought it might be instructive to list the things people often try to use Alfresco for but shouldn’t. I’ve got five examples in my list. The first two are common … Continue reading

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Alfresco, NOSQL, and the Future of ECM

Alfresco wants to be a best-in-class repository for you to build your content-centric applications on top of. Interest in NOSQL repositories seems to be growing, with many large well-known sites choosing non-relational back-ends. Are Alfresco (and, more generally, nearly all … Continue reading

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Notes from OSCON 2009 in San Jose

I’m back from San Jose. My colleage, Dave Gynn, and I had fun at the O’Reilly Open Source Conference (OSCON) and learned a lot. Dave’s ability to pick out open source rockstars from a crowd is uncanny. It was pretty … Continue reading

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Apache CouchDB looks interesting

Here’s something to add to my “dive deeper when I have the time” list: Apache CouchDB. It’s a document database accessible via REST, which by itself isn’t terribly unique. What caught my eye was that it was built from the … Continue reading

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