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A “NOSQL” repository uses something other than a relational model for persistence. They tend to be highly-scalable and come in a variety of flavors from key-value stores to graph stores to document stores.

Alfresco, NOSQL, and the Future of ECM

Alfresco wants to be a best-in-class repository for you to build your content-centric applications on top of. Interest in NOSQL repositories seems to be growing, with many large well-known sites choosing non-relational back-ends. Are Alfresco (and, more generally, nearly all … Continue reading

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Notes from OSCON 2009 in San Jose

I’m back from San Jose. My colleage, Dave Gynn, and I had fun at the O’Reilly Open Source Conference (OSCON) and learned a lot. Dave’s ability to pick out open source rockstars from a crowd is uncanny. It was pretty … Continue reading

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Apache CouchDB looks interesting

Here’s something to add to my “dive deeper when I have the time” list: Apache CouchDB. It’s a document database accessible via REST, which by itself isn’t terribly unique. What caught my eye was that it was built from the … Continue reading

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