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Django is a Python-based web application development framework that’s highly-productive and fun to work with.

Collaborative content creation with Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk has been intriguing to me since I first heard about it. I think it is because the idea of essentially having a workflow with tasks that can be handled by any one of potentially hundreds of thousands … Continue reading

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Join us for CMSGeekUpDFW on 2/24

Every month, a handful of us CMS Geeks from around Dallas-Ft. Worth get together to have a beer or two and talk about content management. This month’s meeting is on Thursday, February 24 at 7:00p. We’re going to be talking … Continue reading

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cmislib: A CMIS client library for Python

I’ve started a new project on Google Code called cmislib. It is an interoperable client library for CMIS in Python that uses the Restful AtomPub Binding of a CMIS provider to perform CRUD and query functions on the repository. I … Continue reading

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Book Review: Django 1.0 Web Site Development

I just finished “Django 1.0 Web Site Development” by Ayman Hourieh (2nd Ed). Packt sent me a copy and I was happy to read it. I thoroughly enjoy Python and Django and would like to see it more broadly adopted, … Continue reading

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Django + Alfresco was a winning combination for retailer’s intranet

Last week I spent some time with one of our clients talking about what it’s been like to live with their Intranet platform based on Django and Alfresco. The conversation got me really excited about what they’ve been able to … Continue reading

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Alfresco-Django integration now available on Google Code

The Alfresco-Django code I demo’d in the screencast yesterday is available at Google Code. It includes the core Django integration, the sample site, an AMP file you can use to deploy the web scripts and the sample site bootstrap data … Continue reading

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Screencast: Alfresco Django integration

I’ve created a screencast over at Optaros Labs that shows a simple web site, powered by Django, that pulls all of its content from Alfresco. At Optaros, we see Django and Alfresco as a powerful combination for building content-centric applications. … Continue reading

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Drupal, Django, and Alfresco in Chicago

I’ll be in Chicago tomorrow for the Alfresco Meetup. I’ll be speaking during the Barcamp on Alfresco and Drupal integration with CMIS (module, screencast). I’ll also have the Alfresco-Django integration running on my laptop. I may not have time to … Continue reading

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