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Why Alfresco follows the same strategy as closed source commercial software companies

My friend and colleague, Peter Löfgren, recently wrote a blog post on what he sees as the two possible strategies Alfresco could pursue. He describes the two approaches as follows: Vertical: You try to get as many as possible Community … Continue reading

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Using Elasticsearch to more effectively target dynamic content

One of my clients came to me with a problem: Despite being a much-admired Fortune 500 company that leads its competitors in the travel industry in customer satisfaction and profitability, their web site, through which the vast majority of their … Continue reading

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Using Hubot and Watcher to automate Elasticsearch admin tasks via chat

Almost all of my client work is remote. For many projects, that means chat is an essential communication tool. When you and your team essentially live in a chat window it’s nice when your tools can participate in the conversation. … Continue reading

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Would the commercial open source software you depend on survive a zombie apocalypse?

Pick a commercial open source software product that’s important to you. Now imagine that there’s been a global zombie attack. Fortunately, after much heroics and stylized cinematic violence, the attack is eventually thwarted. Unfortunately, it wasn’t soon enough. Everyone who … Continue reading

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How my teen-aged son became a Mozilla contributor

I’m in Orlando for Mozilla Work Week, which is an event that happens a couple of times a year aimed at bringing the organization’s far-flung employees and contributors together to collaborate on projects. But I’m not here because of my … Continue reading

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Kids these days: Learning to code then and now

This little beauty is an Epson HX-20. It’s one of the first laptop computers. What makes it special to me is that its 4 line LCD screen is where I took my first coding steps in the early 1980’s. My … Continue reading

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5 drivers of your decision to pay for commercial support

DISCLOSURE: I work for a commercial Open Source Software company called Alfresco that earns revenue by selling commercial support for the software we freely distribute under an OSI-approved license. A recent CMSWire post cited a study commissioned by a proprietary … Continue reading

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Will Abson’s Wonderful World of Dashlets

Back when Alfresco first launched Surf, the framework on which Alfresco Share is based, a handful of us went to Chicago to hang out in a conference room on a ship in the harbor where we did a deep dive … Continue reading

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Now available: Alfresco Fivestar Ratings add-on for Alfresco Share

A couple of weeks ago I posted a survey asking if anyone saw any value in a five star ratings widget for Alfresco Share. Honestly, it would have only taken one or two positive responses–even if no one needed one, … Continue reading

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Apache Chemistry cmislib 0.4 incubating now available

The Apache Chemistry development team is pleased to announce that the 0.4 incubating release of cmislib, the Python client API for CMIS, is now available for download. You may have to use one of the backup servers until the mirrors … Continue reading

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