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An open letter to my son on the eve of starting his first summer internship

Well, Justin, high school graduation is behind you, you’ve landed in San Jose, and tomorrow morning you’ll wake up in Mountain View to start your internship at Mozilla, your first real world, paying job that’s aligned with your career goals. … Continue reading

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Ten games I love playing with my kids

We play a lot of games in my house, especially this time of year. I’ve always loved video games and my kids do too so we play a lot of those, but board games and card games are my favorite … Continue reading

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Seven tips after five years working from home

Yesterday morning I was enjoying a bike ride before work and it occurred to me that this month marks my fifth year of working from home. As with all things in life, there are both good and bad aspects to … Continue reading

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After more than a year, I’m still in love with my Bacchetta recumbent

It’s been about a year and a half since I bought my Bacchetta recumbent. I’ve put about a thousand miles on it so far and I still love it. I ride as much as my schedule will allow, which, unfortunately, … Continue reading

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Dopplr Counts your Carbon

I’m not sure when they added this, but Dopplr has a new feature that keeps track of your carbon totals by month and year. For 2008, I’m already at 6,000 kilograms. I’ll bet I’m not in Optaros’ top ten. Hey, … Continue reading

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Off-topic: Old Crow Medicine Show & Lucinda Williams on ACL

Via the OCMS Feed, Old Crow Medicine Show and Lucinda Williams will perform on Austin City Limits on 12/27. If you are in Dallas, that’s KERA, channel 13 at 10:00pm.

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I’m in Bucharest

I’m visiting the Optaros office in Bucharest this week. I thought I might get a respite from the Texas heat but it’s much hotter here than it is in Dallas right now. Yesterday afternoon I took a stroll around Herestrau … Continue reading

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Off-topic: Lone Star shines bright in vacuum of Dallas airspace

With the exception of KERA 90.1 and KNON 89.3, Dallas radio has been a cold, empty place, completely devoid of decent music since the George Gimarc days of KDGE 94.5. Now a bright shining star has made an appearance: KZPS … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Atlanta

There’s “busy” and then there’s “five-days-a-week-travel-for-a-project-with-a-hard-deadline-busy”. As is obvious by the dearth of posts it’s been the latter for me the last couple of months. Now that the project is over I thought I’d re-cap my thoughts on Atlanta, my … Continue reading

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Park City travel log posted

I finally got around to transcribing my travel log from the trip Christy and I took to Park City at the first of October. Check it out.

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