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I don’t write a lot on movies, but when I do, those posts will go here.

Death to Smoochy

Rented Death to Smoochy over the weekend. I found it fairly lame. I chuckled a couple of times but on the whole it was pretty consistently unfunny. Robin Williams’ performance was plain bad, which was really surprising to me. I liked Ed Norton. Maybe it could have used some more Danny DeVito. My wife checked out after 15 minutes. I pushed through out of principle.

A Mighty Wind

Saw A Mighty Wind Saturday night. I haven’t stopped chuckling to myself since then. Christopher Guest and Eugene Levy have got major comedic writing talent. As some reviewer said, their attention to detail was incredible. The song lyrics were hysterical yet very believeable. I think it was funnier than Best in Show. We went to Crescent City Cafe for beignets after the show. Obviously it lacks the ambience of Cafe du Monde but the beignets were hot and fresh.