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I’ve gotten in the habit of keeping a journal when I travel on personal trips. I transcribe the journals into “Story” pages and then link to those stories here.

Dopplr Counts your Carbon

I’m not sure when they added this, but Dopplr has a new feature that keeps track of your carbon totals by month and year. For 2008, I’m already at 6,000 kilograms. I’ll bet I’m not in Optaros’ top ten. Hey, … Continue reading

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I’m in Bucharest

I’m visiting the Optaros office in Bucharest this week. I thought I might get a respite from the Texas heat but it’s much hotter here than it is in Dallas right now. Yesterday afternoon I took a stroll around Herestrau … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Atlanta

There’s “busy” and then there’s “five-days-a-week-travel-for-a-project-with-a-hard-deadline-busy”. As is obvious by the dearth of posts it’s been the latter for me the last couple of months. Now that the project is over I thought I’d re-cap my thoughts on Atlanta, my … Continue reading

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Park City travel log posted

I finally got around to transcribing my travel log from the trip Christy and I took to Park City at the first of October. Check it out.

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Kids proclaim last weekend as “Best camping trip ever”

We had perfect weather for camping last weekend. It was a bit sketchy at first. As we pulled out of the garage the sky grew darker and darker, ultimately devolving into a downpour complete with minor hailstones. The kids were … Continue reading

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Back from my sailing trip

My blogging is way behind and I’m nowhere near being caught up on ECM news. Maybe this weekend I’ll get a chance. One reason I’ve been behind is that I’ve been on vacation. Here’s my travel log from the week-long … Continue reading

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My excuse for lack of posts: week of sailing

I’m falling down on the blog job here. No updates recently. I’m on a killer project. Plus, I spent a week sailing. Check out the story here.

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Arrived in Montreal

I’m in Montreal this week for the Documentum conference, Momentum Live. I actually came up a few days early with my wife. A few pics and stories from that piece of the trip is at “Day 1, Montreal”. If there … Continue reading

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Back from Hawaii

I’m back. Christy and I have been in Hawaii for the last two weeks celebrating our tenth anniversary. I kept a hand-written travel journal during the trip. I’ve transferred it to my blog. Here’s the index. Day 1 — “Day … Continue reading

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So long D.C.

Ah, the last night in good ole D.C. Or should I say good ole Vienna/Tysons Corner/McLean? When I travel I like to get out and experience what the locals experience. This trip, that hasn’t been too enriching. Taco Bell. Panera … Continue reading

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