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10 Things to Consider When Planning Your Elasticsearch Project

I am seeing a lot of interest in Elasticsearch from clients and colleagues. Elasticsearch is an open source search engine that is commercially supported by a company called Elastic. It’s used for web search, log analysis, and big data analytics. … Continue reading

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Using Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana to visualize Apache JMeter test results

In my last blog post I showed how to use Apache JMeter to run a load test against Elasticsearch or anything with a REST API. One of my recommendations was to turn off all of the Listeners so that valuable … Continue reading

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Using Apache JMeter to Test Elasticsearch (or any REST API)

I’m helping a client streamline their Web Content Management processes, part of which includes moving from a static publishing model to a dynamic content-as-a-service model. I’ll blog more on that some other time. What I want to talk about today … Continue reading

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New Django-Solr open source project

Fellow Optarian Sean Creeley has released a Django-Solr integration as an open source project hosted at Google Code. Django is a Python-based web framework. Apache Solr is essentially an XML and JSON API that sits on top of Apache Lucene. … Continue reading

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Two interesting Hibernate projects you should check out

I attended two very interesting Hibernate sessions at JBoss World yesterday. One was on Hibernate Search, the other was Hibernate Shards. Hibernate Search What do you do when your customers add “Google-like search” to the list of requirements for the … Continue reading

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Microsoft to acquire FAST

Looks like Microsoft is going to acquire search vendor FAST. Read CMSWatch coverage here and John Newton’s here.

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Up-coming AIIM webinars on search, BPM

AIIM webinars can be a mixed bag but two are coming up that might be worthwhile: “Redefining Enterprise Search”, sponsored by FAST on 4/26 and “BPM: When is Workflow Not Enough”, sponsored by Doculabs on 5/10. Register for both online … Continue reading

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Documentum ECI can now call Google desktop

EMC Documentum ECI, a federated search technology, has added the ability to search Google Desktop. EMC press release.

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Trends: Chill wind continues to blow for FAST

Trends: Chill wind continues to blow for FAST[CMSWatch]

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Alfresco, Plone make EContent 100

EContent Magazine has posted the EContent 100, an annual list of “…companies that matter most in the digital content industry”. Notable newcomers include open source ECM and Portal platforms Alfresco and Plone. Wiki software provider, SocialText, returns for a second … Continue reading

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