Originally published: 8/21/2005; 4:06:54 PM

8/2/05, San Juan Islands–Today would come to be known as “The Day of Exertion”. It started out with the best sailing of the trip. I was at the helm a good chunk of the day and was excited to break our initial sail-only speed record of 6.1 knots by taking it to 7.8. Everyone was watching the knot meter and calling out the speed, whooping and hollering and whatnot. I turned over the helm to John so I could warm up and have lunch. He got us up to 8.9 knots! Our success was due to a strong wind and focused attention on sail trim. We were really working it to eek out every tenth of a knot.

On arrival at Spencer Spit on Lopez Island, we spotted a free mooring ball, something that had thus far eluded us. But, a little sloop slipped in and snagged it before we could get there. My response was that he beat us there fair-and-square but the majority opinion was that revenge was called for. We spent a good deal of conversation discussing the various acts that would set it right. Of course we did nothing.

I rowed my aunt and uncle ashore (about ¼ of a mile, against the wind) and met Dave and Brian there, who kayaked in. We made a four mile round-trip hike to Lake Hummel and back. Dave graciously volunteered to row back–I kayaked back with Brian.

For dinner we had grilled salmon, lime cilantro rice, snow peas, and oreo cookies. It was delicious. We’ve eaten every meal in the spacious cockpit. [The Anais’ cockpit had a table with a folding center that could seat the entire crew.] We just can’t get enough of this gorgeous weather.

On to San Juan Islands, 8/3/05 — Spencer Spit to Rosario

Captain Joe

Captain Joe takes a turn at the winch.